A Whale of a Conversation


“Hey, Bob, long time no see?”

“Been hiding from the Japanese. And those loonies from Greenpeace the Japanese keep hunting for. Why do they want those Greenpeace guys so much?”

“I don’t know. Not much blubber in them, from the looks of them. Mostly vegans.”

“So, how’s life?”

“Lots of deep thoughts. Wish I could write them down, but I haven’t any limbs.””

“. A scientist recorded me for a while. Couldn’t understand a damn thing I said, but he seemed entertained.”

“Swallowed anyone lately by accident?”

“Not in a while. My great-great grandfather said he swallowed all sorts of things. Wooden puppets. Old men. Furniture.”

“I swallowed one of those inflatable rafts last week.  Terrible indigestion.”

“Heard of a fellow who swallowed a human once. One of those fire and brimstone ministers. Gave him terrible indigestion until he coughed him out.”

“I’d imagine. “