A Prayer at Midnight

Dear Darkness

Be Thou quiet and kind

May thy coming be

as thy going,

and may I never know

the horror

of not knowing an end

from a beginning.


A Mouse in the Night

I go

Into the cooling sand

The eye of the hawk sees

even the shadow of a shadow,

so I go

quickly to do

what a mouse must do.

A seed, a husk, a drop of dew

These things I need

to quiver the chest

to whip the tail

to flicker the eye

that sparkles in


My children are squealing

I hear their small voices

Crying in hunger

Deep in my burrow.

They call me mother.

Hist! I must scamper

Do not detain me–

Mouse business presses

The hawk hovers

I hear the rush of feathers,

and a snake slithers

S-ing in the sand–

I must be quick.