I think these come from 2004?


The Land Boat

My neighbor has a boat,

or rather

I think he has the dream of a boat.

By day

he labors on a thing

that looks much like a boat.

The boat

for its part

tries hard to dream the dream.

I hear its motor

Cough and gag and choke

Most mornings

like an old smoker lighting up.

He washes it out

till oil runs down the street

like dark blood,

gleaming oil purple and green

the color of bubbles

dreams that burst.



Sonnet for my Mother’s Cancer


The hour between hoping and knowing

Is like a year spent on a stone floor kneeling.

Someone who has never met my mother is going

To come and tell me things without feeling

This sick twisting in the gut that makes tears

Well in the corners of my eyes. My Dad shakes

When he speaks, his voice trembling with fears

Of eternity and death, fifty years of loving takes

So much out of a man. My mother’s eyes are bright

Like two fixed stars, staring already into that dark place

Where nebulas are born, and no new light escapes.

She knows the answer, from some higher doctor’s chart.

This wait will seem too brief when next we part.

Insanity Sonnet

We are all mad here. How are things with you?

Our medication levels are too low…we feel just fine

Anger and ecstasy course through us, and as they do

We alternate between satanic and divine.

This morning I walked on water, but by noon

I was breathing fire, and caused a shrub to burn.

The dog is hiding from the, the living room

Looks like the robbers left only the urn

Containing the ashes of the one of us with sense.

We fight about the last muffin and which show

To watch on television and how to trim the trees,

Whether we took the right amount of pills, or no

And if we are allergic to penicillin, wasps or bees—

Little we say is worth writing down, except the check to pay

The bill for treatment. Tell me, darling God, how was your day?