ghostsandotherdeadthings (1)

It’s the haunting and hallowed time of year, and my book is on sale on Amazon for the low, low price of 99 cents here:

All proceeds from the book are donated to a wonderful local spay and neuter charity in South Texas which is helping San Antonio become a no-kill shelter. I chose San Antonio because my childhood hometown has a long way to go in eliminating the needless slaughter of dogs and cats.

San Antonio once had the third highest euthanasia rate of pets per capita in the country,with more than 50,000 euthanized annually. Less than 10% of the dogs and cats impounded at the City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services (ACS) shelter made it back out alive via adoption, transfer to rescue groups, or returned to owners (collectively known as “live release”).

Because of the efforts of animal rights activists and spay and neuter programs which make care affordable or free, the live release rate has since increased from 11 percent in 2006 to 79 percent in 2013.

The program I support will bring in their vans and even go door to door in some areas and collect animals to spay and neuter and vaccinate free of charge.

For $.99 you get twelve stories, and the chance to help San Antonio become a no-kill city. Please scare yourself with some ghost stories this Halloween season, and help save some pets from the scariest experience of all.